Cisco Conductor 2.3 – BE6000 and BE7000

Just bringing you a few highlights about Conductor 2.3 which should align with Telepresence Server 4.0.

Conductor XC2.3 has a new API that will allow Cisco TMS to obtain conference information, capacity information, and provision conferences. The client can create a new ConfBundle with auto-dialed participants and conference aliases. It is important to note that these API provisioned conference details will only be available through the API and not the Conductor web interface. In short – you still need TMS for scheduling which isn’t a big deal.

Putting the pieces together the scheduling of TP conferences connecting TMS to Conductor is a welcome addition. I’m making an assumption that vTS 4.0 and TMS 14.4 will be available very soon. This should speed the adoption of the vTS and Conductor within the Be6000 and Be7000 platforms. I’m still not 100% positive how TMS and TMSPE with Exchange will play into this but I’m assuming those pieces will be available soon.

Most likely this will all align with announcements we’re going to hear from Cisco Live.

More Telepresence!

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